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We are not Mormons and often people associate food storage with the religious group.  Food storage is a smart plan for anyone, you never know due to loss of job, illness, injury, bad weather many other situations how it would help your family. 

You can start out small and the calculator is a fun and easy way to help keep you on track and it is very motivating to see how far you have come in your stockpiles!  I thought I would share our results, and I have a couple more items to add that I jsut remembered like our 15lbs bags of flour and 50lbs of cornmeal but it is easy to go in and edit your list of supplies as you purchase more.  I did not include our 3 month pantry items in this list.  We are well stocked there and I do not have the time with 3 kids to go through and count it all it is full and busting out of many cabinets LOL

If you think you dont have any extra money for food storage, try cleaning out your garage, closets, clothing and selling things on ebay and using the profits to buy the food items.  Even adding a couple extra items to your regular grocery list will help start your 3 month pantry supply and get you on the road to the 1 year long term sooner.

Our family results are for a make age 35, female age 35 (no option for breastfeeding mom whom I assume woud require more calories), 8 year old boy that is the size of a 10-12 year old so I entered him as age 10, 4 year old girl and 2 year old girl.  I think its safe to adjust higher in age for the kids to make sure you have enough for them instead of to little.  I was not sure how to adjust for me the rbeast feeding mom other then making sure to have more on hand then what is projected.  This is a fun tool and very exciting to see what we have achieved!

Printed Results For: moroccantreasures

SKUItemCurrent Food StorageIntended Purchases from Emergency Essentials
FS P210Beans, Pinto - SuperPail - 41 lbs. 10
FS C100Bouillon, Beef 10
FS C110Bouillon, Chicken 10
FS V110Carrot Dices - Dehydrated 30
FN P108Celery - Freeze Dried 30
FN C100Corn, Super Sweet - Freeze Dried 30
FS D120Egg, Whole, Powder - Dehydrated 20
FE M700Milk, Instant Nonfat Dry - Dehydrated 10
FS G145Oats, Quick 120
FS V125Onions, Chopped - Dehydrated 30
FS C240Pancake Mix, Buttermilk 20
FS D140Peanut Butter Powder 10
FN P130Peas, Green - Freeze Dried 30
FS V140Potato Flakes - Dehydrated 30
FS G130Rice, White 180
FS P230Rice, White - SuperPail - 44 lbs. 20
FS C120Salt, Iodized 20
FS P110Soup Mix, ABC - SuperPail - 43 lbs. 10
FS P510Sugar, White - SuperPail - 47 lbs. 10
FS M100Textured Vegetable Protein, Artificially Flavored Bacon Bits - Dehydrated 10
FS M110Textured Vegetable Protein, Chicken Bits - Dehydrated 250
FP Y110Yeast, SAF Instant Premium 10

Food Storage Analyzer Results
 Current Pantry ContentsTo Be
TotalDaily US RDA
for Your Plan
Calories606k0606k860070.5 days

Nutritional Table for 70.5 days Worth of Calories

Calories from Fat434200434202515.524%
Total Fat (g)623206232279.532%
Saturated Fat (g)1260012608621%
Trans Fat (g)160001600Not Applicable
Cholesterol (mg)44760044760129049%
Sodium (mg)4847k04847k10320666%
Carbohydrates (g)117k0117k1290129%
Dietary Fiber (g)16500016500107.5218%
Sugars (g)15504015504Not Applicable
Protein (g)25856025856215171%
Vitamin A (%)76632076632430253%
Vitamin C (%)1532801532843051%
Calcium (%)1383201383243046%
Iron (%)41560041560430137%

Additional Information

Cans / Superpails / Pouches90090Not Applicable
Weight (lbs)4730473Not Applicable 

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22 September 2009 @ 07:24 pm
Recycled Pop Bottle Felt Pretend Food
I drew out my shapes, just wing it and have fun and then stich up the sides by hand.  I havent finished them all, the one egg was stolen to be played with before I could take a photo! I will post more pics as I make more fun pretend foods.  Cheap and easy will make a good Christmas Gift if I can keep them hidden from the kids.

22 September 2009 @ 05:06 pm

Leather from a jacket purchased at good will andremnants  from the fabric store.  My first attempt so its ok to laugh!
Post your photos, I would love to see other shoe designs, remember I am not a professional sewer just a creative frugal mom giving whatever comes to mind a try, and sometimes and second and third try LOL
 I allowed to much for the seam allowance while tracing my 4 year olds flip flop so they are a little large for her but I wasnt quite sure how I would put them together to I thought mroe fabric was better then not enough! I also sewed the button on the wrong side and just flipped it out, hopefully I will do better next time and be quicker as well! Lots of leather to use from one jacket that had a broken zipper!

07 September 2009 @ 02:15 pm
Join us in this $15 meal challenge. Use only ingrediants you get with that amount of money and see how many meals you can come up with.

Carrie will add details asap


Fold your blanket in half cut shape                     measures your childs chest and cut your elastic    hem your straps.  check size and
to fit your size child. The top peices of the         line it up to see the amount of stretch you need      adjust as you sew up the back seam
Straps are pre hemmed as in the bottom         for the length. and sew it on. I did not stretch it
lucky us!                                                                   under the armpits so no uncomfy gathers would                                              
                                                                                   be there

The yellow bow was taken from an upcycled
yellow dress.  This is super soft and comfy!
17 July 2009 @ 05:06 pm
3-6 months size pants                          fit my 4t daughters arms                    6-9 months pants  also fit my 4t daughters arms
Cut up the middle turn inside out
sew them back up and flip back out
you may or may not need to add
elastic at the tops

Vintage handmade 6-9 months                                                                    upcycled to fit a size 18-24 months
Dress, cut to small sleeves off and
enlarged the arm area, cut the collar
off and removed bow. sew up arm
holes and colar.  Size 6-9 months
onsive made into leg warmers for
a size 18-24 months
16 July 2009 @ 07:50 pm
Please visit my scrapbook gallery for more of my recycled/upcycled things!

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